Miley Cyrus Perform Her Feminist Variation of ‘Santa Baby’

Miley Cyrus 'Santa Baby'

Miley Cyrus on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Appearing on The Tonight Show Along With Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus sang “Santa clam Baby,” however altered the lyrics thus regarding provide a feminist message.
Cyrus ensured to update Santa clam that a “lady’s best buddy is actually identical salary,” whilst seeking he really did not deliver her any type of d * ck pictures.
Likewise appearing in the video recording, Fallon and also Proof Ronson sought to offer Cyrus numerous presents, however all were actually mocked or even repelled. Pleased feminist Xmas, y’ all!

Miley Cyrus gave “Santa Baby” a much-needed feminist update

Miley Cyrus provided “Santa Child” a much-needed feminist upgrade throughout her appearance on The Tonight Program Along With Jimmy Fallon. As opposed to talking to Santa Claus for a wide variety of pricey presents, the “Destroying Sphere” singer made a point of letting every person know that she may get her own factors, thank you quite.

Before starting the song, Cyrus made an effort to make clear the significance of its lyrics along with Fallon by inquiring, “Am I mentioning that I’m gon na talk to Santa if he gets me all this stuff?” When the chat host yielded that Cyrus could possibly upgrade words if she preferred, the vocalist went full-blown, delivering entirely different verses for the whole tune.

Christmas song has been fixed by Miley Cyrus

Cyrus iterated, “Santa clam infant, I’ve obtained a baller auto of my very own, no funding. I acquired it all through myself, Santa baby, along with no support coming from Elf on the Shelf.” And later on, she referenced the value of the women’s liberation vocal, “Listen, Santa, to what I say: A female’s friend is actually equal wages. So, quit interrupting me when I chat, as well as do not text me pictures of your …”.

And also as for unwanted sexual advances, Cyrus took that down too vocal, “Santa little one, I would certainly like to know my buttocks won’t obtain snatched at work, by some unaware jerk.” One more Xmas track has officially been fixed!

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